Company Background

Padu Sedia was incorporated in year 1988 with main focus of business in the rail industry as a supplier, manufacturer and contractor. In the early years, we were actively involved in the supply of spares and equipment for rolling stock, track material, track maintenance equipment and signalling parts. We then undertook various railway infrastructure upgrading projects such as automatic level crossing system, turnkey construction of maintenance workshops, rehabilitation of tracks etc.

Over the years, we expanded into the overhaul of locomotives, overhaul and upgrading of freight wagons, repair and refurbishment of passenger coaches, overhaul of power generating cars and supply of new special purpose maintenance vehicles. We have a fully equipped factory to support the on-going engineering work.

With the support of in-house engineering capabilities and factory facilities, we undertake the manufacture of all kind of steel fabrication/machined components, insulated glued joints, turnouts, maintenance vehicles and rolling stock.


We have been in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services of rolling stock since the first refurbishment contract in year 2000. With the knowledge and experience accumulated, coupled with complete in-house facilities and equipment, we provide MRO service for all kind of rolling stock.

Other than rolling stock services, we also undertake railway infrastructure servicing jobs with experience and qualified partner. Servicing railway infrastructure such as replacing faulty 132kV circuit breaker system, overhaul of substation transformer, installation of railway crossing barrier and etc.


Padu Sedia has been supplying spare parts, equipment and rolling stock since its inception. We supply the most diversified spare parts and equipment to the railway industry in Malaysia. We are capable of supplying all kind of spare parts, equipment, test bench and rolling stock.